How to use a wall?
Your wall is used to subscribe to articles and posts from other Fairder.com users. Like the following other companies and users, you will always have fresh information about new posts. You can add and comment anything you want to your wall. However, always only in connection with your company and the products offered and not entertaining content

What types of posts can we make on our walls?
Each registered has the ability to create posts of the type - image, video, poll, gif, sound recording, emoticon, files, sales post, location sharing, or audio files.

Are there any restrictions on posts?
Posts are not restricted in any way, except for the ban on sharing fun or otherwise inappropriate content. If you upload non-business related content, the administrator will delete the post.

Is it possible to promote the posts in any way?
Yes, you can pin your posts to the wall. When pinned, it will be posted at the top of your wall. In this way, you can present a news or a new contribution for free and easily.

What are the options for choosing to view other users?
You can make your posts visible only to you or to everyone. In addition, you have the option of showing posts only to users you follow or who follow you.

How to use our albums?
Albums are used to archive and subsequently promote your digital content, which you plan to reach visitors to your Fairder.com profile. Albums are available to the selected user type after setting the display. By default, albums and contained photos are set to be visible to all users.

What photos can we upload?
We recommend uploading professional, representative photos that have a certain quality. Under no circumstances use photos downloaded from Google and other sources where you have no way to verify the copyright and their quality is poor.

Are the albums limited in any way?
No, you can use anything for albums, but always in a business theme.

What photo formats can we use?
It is possible to use .jpg and .png format.

How does this feature work?
With this feature, you can save selected posts and return to them at any time later. You can pass on the saved contributions of other users to marketing specialists, who can respond adequately according to your needs and plans.

What posts can we save?
You can save anything you see fit.

Can we delete saved posts?
Of course, if you no longer need ar

What is this function for?
Each registered user has the opportunity to post their scheduled events and then display them to others.

What types of events can we present?
You can register for events and present any events you organize. We manually check the newly listed events, so we ask you to use the most professional texts and designs, including the graphics used.

What is needed to start an event?
Prepare graphics that will be part of the presentation. You can choose a logo or combined graphics in connection with the event. Of course you will state the date and place of the event.

Is there a charge for creating an event?
No, posting is free for all users.

Who will see our events?
Listed actions are displayed to all other users.

How can those interested in our events react?
Each user and visitor of your presentation has the opportunity to inform you whether he will participate in the event or he is only interested, etc.

Is it possible to cancel an event that has not yet taken place?
Of course, you can delete the event immediately after the event.

What is this function for?
The Groups function is used to create thematic groups whose focus (or interest) is of a similar type. For example, you can create a group called "Truckers", in which you can then maintain a serious community of companies with this focus.

Are there any rules?
Yes, if you create a group with the name eg: Car carriers, then you must not use the group only for the presentation of your services. The group content must always be neutral. In the event that a company uses the running of the group for its own purposes and other users are suppressed in some way, such a group will be deleted by our administrators.

What is needed to set up a group?
It is necessary to know the focus of the group, to have prepared graphics and description and, last but not least, free time to manage the group. We require group authors to provide at least basic content moderation and maintenance.

Is it paid to create a group?
No, creating a group is free.

Who will see the created group?
All other users, without distinction.

In what categories can we create our groups?
The creation form lists the groups that you can use and add your new groups to. If you do not find yours in the above categories, contact us. Administrators will create the category you want.

How can those interested in our thematic groups react?
They will simply become its members. As an administrator, you will have information about the new members with whom you can communicate.

Is it possible to cancel an entire group even if other users are part of it?
Of course, you can cancel the whole group without giving a reason.

What is the Pages function for?
Creating a site is suitable for those users of the portal who sell any goods or services. We recommend that EVERYONE create their own stand, due to the system by which the portal works. Your profile is managed as personal (eg manager, head of marketing department, etc.) and it is necessary to create a separate page for the company in which you work. Part of such a page are then contributions, presentations of services and products, etc. Due to the professional form of the final presentation, you can contact us at any time. We will be happy to advise you on the setup and appearance of your site - always with regard to the focus of your business activities.

How to create a product and service page?
You can create a page in a separate administration, in which you will enter the parameters of the desired page. It is necessary to know the name of the page, its URL - be careful, the URL follows certain rules. If you don't know how to create a product page and which URL to choose, contact us.

Is there a charge for creating a page?
No, creating your company's website, services and products is not reimbursed and is free for everyone.

Who will see the created site?
All other users.

In what categories can we create our site?
It's up to you what types of pages you create. However, these must always be sites related to your business.

Is it possible to cancel the whole page?
Of course, you can cancel the whole page without giving a reason.


What is the purpose of a blog?
You can write articles about your products and services in the blog. Add photos, insert videos, etc.

Is there a charge for posting an article?
No, writing articles is free.

Is it possible to promote our articles?
At this time, it's not possible to promote articles and favor their placement. However, you can share your article on your wall and then pin it. The article will appear there in the first place among your posts.

How to write a blog? Do I need to know how to program?
No need to know how to program, just know how to edit texts in a text editor. Contact us in case of any question.

What is the market for?
Market is an advertising part of the portal, in which you can advertise the sale / purchase of new or used goods.

Is there a charge for ad impressions?
No, viewing and writing an ad is free for everyone.

What is needed to post a new entry?
You don't need anything special - you just need a basic description and parameters of the thing or service sold. Of course, a photo can be part of the advertisement.

How long will the ad be displayed?
As long as you want - we do not delete ads. As long as your ad is active, it will be displayed to other users until you delete it yourself.

What is the purpose of the Explore function?
The Explore function is used to explore the portal and find interesting users with whom you can establish business cooperation. You have your hands free to whom you address - just contact a specific user with questions.

On what basis can we search for users?
The search includes several parameters. After refining them, you will see suitable users who meet your criteria.

What is the Find Business function for?
This feature is used by registered users to find companies and businesses of a similar type. You then have the opportunity to establish business negotiations with them and cooperate on the basis of your agreement.

On what basis can we look for other companies?
Companies are searched based on location, category, etc., it's up to you what you search for.

What is the Common Things feature for?
Use this feature to view users who have similar features to your profile.

On what basis can we look for other common features of business?
In this case, you do not search based on the parameters you entered, but our system recommends other users.

What is the purpose of the Fundings function?
This function is used to post your business plan for which you are looking for investors and funds. Just write the parameters of your project and you are just waiting to be contacted by the investor.

Is the feature paid?
No, the feature is free.

Who and how can I address?
It's up to you how you reach potential investors. All you have to do is create a quality advertisement. Pay attention to the form of the advertisement and create a professional, attractive advertisement on the basis of which you will act seriously.

What is the purpose of the country block and how to set it up?
Coutry block serves those companies and organizations that do not have the opportunity to present their activities in specific countries or regions for legal reasons. There are various legal obstacles that allow a particular company to ensure the unavailability of its services - due to various competition clauses and contractual obligations.

Is it possible to cancel the setting?
Yes, you can adjust the settings at any time to allow access to all users.

What information do we find on these channels?
In Fairder News and TV you will find interesting articles in the form of articles or videos. These posts are created by us, not our users.

Is it possible to use the channel for our promotions?
It is not possible to present your videos at this time. However, you have the opportunity to contact us and arrange paid advertising according to the agreement. We will be happy to accommodate you and try to find space for your marketing activities.

15) CHAT
How does chat work?
Chat works like any other messenger - you can communicate with individuals who are on your contact list. You can send text messages or documents.

What features are available to us?
Each user has the opportunity to use common functions such as sending messages, documents, photos and videos. Our messenger is easy to use and very intuitive.

How much is the verification fee paid?
It's up to you how much you choose. You have the option of using the PayPal payment gateway, where you only determine the amount you want to send to us.

What will verification bring me?
After authentication, you will get the status of an authenticated portal user. This will ensure the prestige and trust of other users who will see this status in your profile.

Didn't find the answers to your questions? Contact us, we will be happy to help you and advise you on how to proceed, or understand anything that would not be clear to you.

You can send us your questions directly to our email or use the contact form at https://www.fairder.com/contact-us .