We have prepared a donation via Paypal for those of you who are interested in our project and want to provide us with a small financial gift. is an easy way to give us a gift without expensive bank fees and support our work.

Along with the financial gift, we will verify you as a real user whose identity is verified. This will give you prestige and status as an Verified User.

In the payment gateway, you can use the option of the amount you will send us. It's up to you how much money you decide to send. At the moment, we operate for free, from our own financial resources, so we will be happy for any amount provided. The donated funds will be used only for the development of the portal and the improvement of functions.

To open the payment gateway, click on the following button - a payment gateway will open, in which you can already make the payment itself.

Thank you for your interest and we believe that the funds you donate will be useful to all users.

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